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Slife was developed according to the needs of the developers
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Developed according to the needs of the developers, team leaders and other people who need to keep track of time they spend on their projects, Slife 2.0 tracks how you interact with applications, documents and web sites and how much times do you spend in every activity.
It has a simple and clean interface, which include 6 visualizations for activity analytic, advanced privacy controls, activity groups and productivity management through goals and notifications. You can view your interactions with web pages you open in every tab of your browser or desktop applications either daily or monthly and documents or other activities. It indicates the time we spend with every program and a perceptual relationship about the tools we used. You can set productivity goals and track progress towards them. Obviously, it say anything about if we use the time well, or if you meet your goals right on time, but it helps you to adjust your time estimation about a task.
A good idea to improve it, will be set for a given task, a reasonable time estimation based on history tracking.

the program has two more functions that they are interesting: A goals list and a task list. This way, you can see if effort is not ineffective.

Slife Teams, is another valuable feature. It's a web-based service which enables a group of Slife users to stream their activities through a central subscription-based web application.
After probe it in a software project in which I was involved as a developer, it seems a useful tool to me. Although is very heavy (1 Gb RAM needed) and notifications can bother you while you are focused on a task, reminders are a necessary evil. Anyway, it's free, so you can try it and make your own conclusions.

Review summary


  • Controls every programs used and time spend on it
  • can relate activities and goals


  • Memory requirements can slow down your machine and productivity
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